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Sebastián Escalona
Manu Castillo
Manu Castillo
Manu Castillo
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Jose Luís Risetti
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Paulina Mühle-Wiehoff
Olivia Walsh
Steven Arcella
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Paulina Mühle-Wiehoff
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Head brace
Jose Luís Rissetti
Amparo Baeza
Amparo Baeza
Paulina Mühle-Wiehoff
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Sebastián Escalona + Anis
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Camilo Carmona
Camilo Carmona

“Photography is a marvelous discovery, a science that has attracted the greatest intellects, an art that excites the most astute minds…But what cannot be taught is to have a feeling for light…It is the way a light falls on a face what you as an artist must capture… You must commune with that person, measure his thoughts and his very character”  

Text by Felix Nadar

"Art is practiced because it is saved. Art is kept because it is cultivated. What was done before is done today, by instinct. Alchemy is the science that is intuited. About every sensation that can shape the trances of time. give place Body. Matter, image. One more time, but not the same. Bromide, Collodion, Cadmium, Ammonium, light shadow, oxidation. And again.

Alfredo Méndez envisions in the photographic object a providential help to time. Not its course, rather its folds, but also its shapes. Before is today. The stones were us. The machines will be the new stones. The landscape that is recorded hosts the chemical elements of the method. The inertia of time reveals this mechanism to us. The landscape watches us. The human face is inhabited by a mineral, also the mountain. In a closed way, the method, the camera, the observer and the horizon are triggered at the same time. Alfredo insists on this Penumbra to decipher it in the portrait as landscape. In geology as skeleton".

Text by Sebastián Escalona

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